56 Now in RELEASE Tier

Introducing cPanel & WHM 56

cPanel, Inc. has released cPanel & WHM software version 56, which is now available in the RELEASE tier.

Introducing Site Publisher
Hosting providers can now get their users up and running with Site Publisher, an easy-to-use static web page generator. With 3 templates to choose from, and the ability to build your own, give your customers an immediate web presence with just a few clicks from their cPanel dashboard.

Server Transfer
Reduce server setup time with our new service configuration transfer. Clone an existing server, or migrate from an older server with ease.

Self-Service Upgrades
Reduce the barrier to upgrades by integrating your billing system with cPanel. With the click of a button, your customers can upgrade their own disk space, bandwidth, addon domains, and more.

Detailed information on all cPanel & WHM 56 features can be found at cPanel Documentation. An overview of the latest features and benefits is also available at cPanel Releases.

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