Help us shape the future of cPanel: Annual Customer Survey

At cPanel, we thrive on feedback.  We utilize internal and external feedback in various forms to drive change and fine-tune our work lives and products.  Our CEO has championed this open environment for over 11 years.

We know a major key to our success is being focused on communication and staying connected with the individuals and organizations using our product.  Throughout the year, our Accounts Management team makes trips around the world to visit with partners, asking how we might improve and help usher in your success.  This feedback drives internal change, new features, and the direction of our products.

If Nick (our CEO) could have us visit every single customer, we’d be starting today.  In an effort to reach a wider range of the cPanel community and hear your voice more clearly, we’ve developed the cPanel Climate Survey.

The cPanel Climate Survey is a new tool we’re using to gain a broader scope and reach customer’s opinion that may otherwise be falling through the cracks.  It doesn’t contain any gimmicks, sweepstakes, or special incentives beyond asking you to help us improve.  We want to know what you specifically enjoy about cPanel, glaring details you see that need improvement, and creative additions that would help you better serve your clients.  We’re seeking your opinion through communication with willingness to expand our vision and product.

These surveys will be carefully read by various team members throughout cPanel, as well as being intimately reviewed by our executive team.  While our CEO can’t expect us to make 4,282 trips a year, he certainly can expect us to read 4,282 surveys, and we gladly will.

The cPanel Climate survey is open until 11-05-2011 and will take approximately 15-45 minutes to complete.

You can access the survey online at

We sincerely appreciate your help and look forward to reading your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions of cPanel!