cPanel and Attracta Relationship Redefined

For Immediate Release
December 10, 2012

Houston, TX-
cPanel officially announces that its partnership with Attracta has been redefined. The relationship between the two companies has now shifted from Attracta being bundled with cPanel to Attracta being included as part of cPanel’s third party application catalog.

Integrating Attracta as part of the cPanel distribution identified the difference between development cycles and processes between the two companies. Due to these differences in development, and both companies wanting to focus primarily on delivering new features and value to customers, Attracta will be distributing the Attracta SEO and Marketing Tools for cPanel & WHM as a standalone plugin rather than bundled with cPanel.

cPanel’s extensive plugin API allows Attracta to maintain all functionality going forward, while the separate distributions allow both companies to focus on adding more features and value without the overhead of a shared development process.

Asked for comment, Aaron Phillips, Vice President of Operations at cPanel stated: “We view this relationship as a positive learning experience for both cPanel and Attracta and we plan to maintain ongoing discussions that will continue our focus on the evolution of our API, and improvements for 3rd party integrators to make good use of”.

Many hosting companies include Attracta in their service offerings right now. For those that do not, but wish to have it, they can still get the plugin directly from Attracta’s website and seamlessly integrate it into cPanel.

“We’re ensuring a smooth transition for customers back to a standalone plugin and we’ve learned a lot about cPanel’s products during the course of the integrated relationship,” said Dave Koston, CTO at Attracta. “Both companies have gained knowledge from the integration that will allow us to deliver higher quality products going forward so we believe this will be a win for all our customers.”

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About Attracta Online Services, Inc.

Attracta is a California-based company that provides search engine visibility service in more than 90 countries worldwide. With the world’s most popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, Attracta helps over 2.5 million websites promote over 3 billion webpages in the world’s major search engines. Each day, Google alone updates over 75 million webpages through Attracta’s XML Sitemap service. Many of the world’s largest web hosting and SEO service providers incorporate Attracta’s technology into their service offerings. The Attracta management team also founded several highly successful Internet companies including TABNet,, Miva Merchant and ScanAlert. For more information, call +1.707.320.2050 or visit