cPanel & WHM Version 80 Now EOL

With last week’s move to STABLE for Version 82, cPanel & WHM Version 80 has reached End of Life. This version will now only be supported by cPanel when upgrading to a supported version.

In accordance with our EOL policy, Version 80 will continue to function on servers where it is already installed. The last release of cPanel & WHM Version 80, 80.0.24, will remain on our mirrors indefinitely. However, no further updates, including fixes for known security flaws, will be provided for Version 80. Older releases of cPanel & WHM will be removed from our mirrors.

We recommend that all customers upgrade any existing installations of cPanel & WHM Version 80 to the most recent version of cPanel & WHM Version 82, which you can read about on

If your server setup complicates the process of upgrading to a supported version of cPanel & WHM (an upgrade blocker list is available at, then cPanel is here to help. Simply open a support ticket at so that our knowledgable support team can provide recommendations, upgrade assistance, and more.

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For the PGP-Signed version of this announcement please see 80 EOL-signed.