cPanel Conference 2010 Slides Are Here!

The cPanel Conference may be over for this year, but the learning continues.  We’ve posted all of the slides from our staff who presented at the conference.  Also, in the coming weeks, we will be making available video recordings of each session at the conference.  In the meantime, have a look at the sessions below and feel free to grab any of the slides you’d like. Stay tuned for more updates!

Best Practices:  Making Money With Enkompass
Did you know that Enkompass can be properly installed in roughly 10 minutes?  View a demonstration of how to setup Active Directory, Volume Shares, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, MailEnable, and Smarter Mail to work correctly with Enkompass after installation.

Windows Server 2008 PCI Compliance
Learn about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and how that information is stored in the Enkompass cluster.

Best Practices for Documenting Technical Procedures
The task of documenting technical facts and procedures is strictly for technical writers, right? Dispel this myth and learn how to communicate your documentation ideas more effectively.

Secure Coding Practices
Learn more about security concerns that may arise when developing a multi-user environment. Both, Perl and PHP, will be discussed with examples provided.

Managing Multi-Tiered Resellers
Enkompass provisions websites, mail systems and databases on multiple servers. Discover how to manage system resources to control costs, increase up-time and match services to your customers’ needs.

Modern cPanel
This comprehensive session is focused on the restructuring of working modules and the opportunities it presents to third party developers.

Mass Migration to cPanel
Migration is always an important topic in cPanel discussions. Find out how to streamline the migration process from competing control panels to cPanel.

MySQL Optimization
Learn the basis for fine-tuning MySQL performance on your cPanel-based server via logging, monitoring and utilizing MySQL performance tools. Key highlights will include: understanding the most importantly used variables for MySQL configuration settings, and benchmark testing with different architectures.

Optimizing the ROI of Scaling cPanel/WHM
Explore how your company can scale operations that depend on cPanel/WHM to accommodate millions of domains. The discussion will also include integrating cPanel/ WHM with existing infrastructures or large cPanel/WHM deployments.

Pluggable Authentication Framework
Guests will learn about the new Pluggable Authentication Framework that is currently under development for cPanel. This new framework should allow for the centralization for all types of system authentication while fixing long-standing deficiencies.  [Video]

Real World Security Practices
Learn more about your cPanel software, security, and how it applies to you. Vital information will include: scenarios with different types of examples, and a brief question and answer period.

Supporting Enkompass
Have you ever wondered why you continually receive an error message when performing certain functions while using Enkompass? cPanel Enkompass technicians will field your questions about interpreting error messages, finding logs, and using tools to quickly troubleshoot Enkompass.

Perl cPanel.RPM
cPanel is moving towards RPM to assist with installation and upgrades, as well as improve the stability of your cPanel installation. Learn how this will affect your customization, plug- ins, and add-ons.

cPanel/WHM Application Development
Discover the fundamentals of developing add-ons for cPanel and WHM. Concepts included will be: calling cPanel’s APIs, Using PHP for cPanel applications, best practices and WHM CGI applications.

Enkompass Integrations
Hosting companies can improve their productivity by using the Enkompass API to automate repetitive tasks. Learn more about the account management and server management APIs.