cPanel releases cPanel & WHM to RELEASE tier

cPanel is pleased to announce the release of cPanel & WHM to the RELEASE tier. This monumental release comes from a new development style; focusing on delivering resolution to cases as soon as possible instead of waiting for the next major version. This release addresses over 200 cases that will provide numerous bug fixes and updates. 

Due to the volume of resolved cases, there is no overall theme to the update. Updates of note include:

  • Reduction in noise from yum in CentOS 6.
  • Suppression of false positive messages from cphulkd.
  • Resolved an issue when adding non-Class-C subnets masks.
  • Updates were made to MySQL 5.1 and 5.5
  • Fixed a race condition when update_sa_rules –background is run.

We highly recommend that all users on the RELEASE tier update to this version. We also recommend that all application developers test their code against this release to ensure third-party code runs correctly with the new release.

To update cPanel & WHM manually:

  1. Log into WHM as the root user. 
  2. Click on the WHM 11.32.X (build X) link on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the button labeled Click to Upgrade.

Visit the cPanel & WHM 11.32 Change Log to read more.