cPanel Releases Fixes for cPanel & WHM 11.30

The newest cPanel & WHM release,, improves Google Chrome support.

This update for cPanel & WHM resolves an issue with handling form submissions by newer versions of Google Chrome. The error affected file uploads in the cPanel File Manager for Chrome users.

cPanel & WHM also corrects an issue with setting the eximstats database password on new installs.

We strongly recommend that all server admins update their cPanel & WHM servers immediately.

To update cPanel & WHM manually:

1. Log into WHM as the root user.
2. Click on the WHM 11.30.X (build X) link on the top right corner of the screen.
3. Click the button labeled Click to Upgrade.


For More information on these issues, please visit the cPanel & WHM 11.30 Change Log.