cPanel, the Hosting Platform of Choice, is excited to announce the release of cPanel & WHM Version 74

cPanel, the Hosting Platform of Choice, is excited to announce the release of cPanel & WHM Version 74, which includes Automated Website Deployment using Git, drastically improved backup speeds, and the fastest and easiest free SSLs yet.

Houston, Texas – September 2018 cPanel & WHM® Version 74 is the third release of 2018 and includes improvements in many of cPanel & WHM’s most popular features.

Git Version Control allows users to easily create and manage Git repositories on their cPanel hosting account. Version 74 now includes the ability to automatically deploy sites and applications from a repository, making it even easier to host your applications on cPanel servers.

The development team has been hard at work over the last year to improve the speed and quality of cPanel’s Automated Backups. cPanel users benefit from up to 60% faster backups and restores. The File and Directory Restore interface for server administrators and hosting users, along with new and improved remote destinations, make cPanel’s backup system one of the most robust on the market.

AutoSSL and SSLs ordered through the cPanel Market Place will see a much higher success rate with this version. cPanel has improved its Domain Control Validation (DCV). DNS-Based validation and Ancestor-based (or primary-domain) validation reduce the work required of a user to get an SSL.

“cPanel & WHM Version 74 shows what can happen when you stay focused on what your customers need,” said Ken Power, Vice President of Product Development. “Across the board performance improvement, features focused on the evolving hosting market, and tools that make server management a breeze, these changes and more make cPanel & WHM Version 74 our best release to date!”

As server administrators move to adopt cPanel & WHM Version 74, cPanel will see nearly 80% adoption across all cPanel & WHM servers. Take a look at the feature highlights on the cPanel & WHM Version 74 Release Site, and read the full Version 74 release notes in the cPanel & WHM Documentation.

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