cPanel & WHM 62 in STABLE tier

We are excited to announced that cPanel, Inc. has released cPanel & WHM version 62 to the STABLE tier. Below are just a few of the new features you will see!

Ready-to-run Images of cPanel & WHM
The same images our Quality Assurance test and approve for release are now available for you directly. The images are in KVM format, but you can easily convert them to any version you need!

New Zone Editor

Managing all of your site’s records in a centralized location is easier than ever with the new Zone Editor in cPanel. In one place you can edit MX, A, CNAME, DKIM, SPF and more. This new UI gives a better control for power users to edit their DNS zone, and its simplified view keeps things easy for non-technical users.

OV Certificates

The cPanel and Comodo SSL providers now offer Organization-Validated (OV) certificates for servers and accounts that have enabled these providers. It’s never been easier to purchase and install an OV certificate.

More information
An overview of the features available in version 62 is available cPanel Release site. Detailed information on all cPanel & WHM 62 features can be found in the version 62 Release Notes.

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