cPanel & WHM Version 64 now in the RELEASE Tier

cPanel, Inc. has released cPanel & WHM version 64 to the RELEASE tier. Below are just a few of the new features you will see!

Brand new styles for cPanel!

Two brand new cPanel styles have been included in this version, allowing you to customize your cPanel experience even more. Choose your favorite: lite or dark!

API Authentication tokens

API tokens are the first step in revamping our remote authentication system. Easily create, manage, and revoke authentication tokens from inside WHM.

iOS Push Notifications

iOS devices can now receive instant notifications on new emails to their inbox.

More information

If you haven’t yet, check out the cPanel Release site to see an overview of the latest features and benefits cPanel has to offerFull details about all cPanel & WHM 64 features can be found in the Release Notes

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