cPanel & WHM Version 66 to RELEASE

cPanel, Inc. has released cPanel & WHM version 66 to the RELEASE tier. Below are a few of the new features in this version.

New Feature: Remote Incremental Backups

In v66 you can easily store your Incremental Backups remotely using our new Rsync backup destination. In fact, we have made many improvements to our backup system. If you haven’t already, take a look at the blog post from a member of our development team covering all of those changes.

Other Updates

EasyApache 4 Profile Management

You can now fully manage your EasyApache 4 build profiles in WHM. Uploading, downloading, and saving your current build as a new profile are all possible with v66.

Manage WordPress from cPanel

cPAddons is getting some much-needed developer time, and we have been doing great things for managing WordPress on cPanel servers! Take a look at the blog post that tells you all about it.

More Information

If you haven’t yet, check out the cPanel Release site to see an overview of the latest features and benefits cPanel has to offer! We also talked about these features on the cPanel blog in both the MayJune, and July Development Updates.  Full details about all cPanel & WHM 66 features can be found in the Release Notes

Additionally, this is a reminder that v62 will be the only LTS version of 2017, and that v64 will reach End of Life as v66 hits the STABLE tier. For more information, see the cPanel blog post from last year about the LTS changes.

Always in the know!

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