cPanel & WHM Version 76 in RELEASE

We are happy to announce that cPanel, Inc. has released cPanel & WHM Version 76 to the RELEASE tier! Take a look at highlights on our release site, or check out the full release notes for v76. Then, join us on Slack, Discord, or Reddit to talk about all the exciting improvements.

Tomcat in EA4 and New Tomcat Manager Interface

In Version 76 we are releasing a completely overhauled and improved version of Apache Tomcat for EasyApache 4. With the new Tomcat Manager interface in WHM, system administrators can manage the Tomcat status of all users.

Git SSH Host Key Verification

When enabled, the system now automatically performs host key verification whenever cloning a new repository or making changes to a cloned repository, helping to prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

More Information

Check out the cPanel Release site to see an overview of the latest features and updates cPanel & WHM has to offer! All of the details about all cPanel & WHM Version 76 features can be found in the Release Notes.

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