cPanel & WHM Version 88 to RELEASE!

We are happy to announce that cPanel, L.L.C. has released cPanel & WHM Version 88 to the RELEASE tier! This newest version brings many quality of life improvements for MySQL, including the added support of MySQL 8. Version 88 also brings Roundcube version 1.4 (with a new responsive theme for mobile devices and CCS compatibility), the addition of ImunifyAV, the leading malware scanning solution, and the ability to upgrade to ImunifyAV+, as well as streamlining of a number of in product interfaces.

Take a look at highlights for this version on our release site, or check out the full release notes. Then, join us on SlackDiscord, or Reddit!


CloudLinux’s advanced suite of website security tools, ImunifyAV, is now available free by default on new installations. An upgrade to ImunifyAV+ can be purchased directly within the Imunify tool (WHM >> Home >> Plugins >> ImunifyAV) in Version 88 | Read More

Streamlined Directory Privacy interface

cPanel & WHM Version 88 brings a more streamlined experience to the Directory Privacy interface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> Directory Privacy), including allowing cPanel users to set the privacy permissions for all subdirectories within a directory | Read More

MySQL Upgrade Checker

In cPanel & WHM Version 88, we are adding the MySQL® Upgrade Checker that checks if an upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to 8.x will work on the MySQL configuration file and table engine, and is located in MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade interface (WHM >> Home >> SQL Services >> MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade) | Read More

More Information

The cPanel Release site provides an overview of the latest features and updates cPanel & WHM has to offer, including highlights of previous versions of cPanel & WHM! Detailed information about all cPanel & WHM versions can be found in the Release Notes.

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