cPanel 11.25.0 Installation Apache configuration syntax errors

The release of 11.25.0-RELEASE_42399 and 11.25.0-CURRENT_42399 introduced a configuration issue that may cause Apache configuration syntax errors on servers with no accounts when the mod_userdir tweak is enabled. The condition will present itself upon addition of the first account to the server. This issue is quickly addressed by rebuilding the Apache configuration file.

The following error can be seen in the cpanel error_log and when attempting to restart Apache:

UserDir "enable" keyword requires a list of usernames

Newly created websites would be sent to defaultwebpage.cgi instead of the appropriate document root.


  1. New builds, 11.25.0-CURRENT_42400 and 11.25.0-RELEASE_42400, have been published to address the issue. This issue will not be present on subsequent new installations. Upgrading a currently affected system will resolve this issue.
  2. Rebuilding the Apache configuration after the addition of the first account will permanently resolve this issue.

From the command line:


/scripts/autorepair userdir_enable_fix

From the WHM:
Service Configuration -> Apache Configuration -> Global Configuration ->
Save -> Rebuild Configuration and Restart Apache

The Apache configuration may be rebuilt as a result of other changes made in the WHM. Your new installation may not experience this issue as a result the the Apache configuration being rebuilt automatically.