cPanel 11.25 Tech Bulletin: updated bandwidth tracking requirements

In cPanel 11.25 we have made a few feature improvements to the bandwidth tracking system built into WHM and cPanel. While these new features grants you a much more accurate and granular view of client bandwidth usage, customers with inadequately sized /var partitions may run into issues related to partition size and disk space consumption.

It should also be noted that the creation of these files occurs during the first upcp that results in an upgrade to 11.25 and can require significantly more time than normal upgrades.

The notice for this change was in our release notes for 11.25 which can be found at

Change: Bandwidth graph RRD files are split off for each individual service per domain and subdomain and stored in /var/cpanel/bandwidth/ .

Potential Issue: On some machines, depending on the partitioning schema and the number of domains on a server, there may be a disk space issue. This will only effect customers with large numbers of domains and a relatively small /var/ partition, i.e., 8-10G. In these situations, the /var/ partition may become full.

Workaround: For the time being, if you are affected by this issue, we are suggesting the following temporary fixes.

  • Disabling Bandwidth Stats Generation: ‘touch /etc/rrdtooldisable ’ . This will disable generation of the rrdfiles altogether. Removing this file will result in the graphs being generated again.


  • Symlinking /var/cpanel/bandwidth to a partition with more space.

mkdir /home/bwtmp; tar -czvf /root/cp-bandwidth-backup.tar.gz /var/cpanel/bandwidth

mv /var/cpanel/bandwidth/* /home/bwtmp/; rm -rf /var/cpanel/bandwidth

ln -s /home/bwtmp /var/cpanel/bandwidth

The above command will create a /home/bwtemp directory, copy the contents of /var/cpanel/bandwidth to it, create a backup in /root/cp-bandwidth-backup.tar.gz, and then symlink the old directory to the new one where there should be more diskspace.

If you have issues executing the fix for this change, please submit a ticket via and we will assist you with this fix.