cPanel Announces Presence at Webhosting Day 2009

cPanel officially announced their presence at Webhosting Day 2009 today. The event takes place in Cologne, Germany from March 17th to the 20th and is a premier European webhosting event. This is the first year that cPanel will be attending as an exhibitor. cPanel will have staff from various departments on hand to both educate about cPanel products and to gain greater insight into the needs of the European market.

“Webhosting Day represents a major convergence of hosting professionals from Europe and around the world. cPanel feels it is of great importance to meet our customers at this event and reaffirm our commitment to the European webhosting market.” said Eric Gregory, cPanel’s Director of Public Relations. The cPanel staff pride themselves on delivering a quality product which addresses the needs and desires of the webhosting industry as fully as possible. With an expanding presence in Europe, cPanel is interested in opening more and more communication channels and reaffirming those that already exist.