cPanel Certification Program to Debut at cPanel Conference 2011

Big news! We are proud to announce the debut of the cPanel Certification Program at this year’s cPanel Conference!

We have spent the last 12 months evaluating, training, and certifying tests for this program, aptly called cPanel University, or cPU.

We created this highly credible certification program so that employers and employees would be allowed to accurately gauge their respective cPanel skill levels.

The cPanel University debut, which will take place at cPanel Conference this October in Austin, TX,  will include a full walkthrough of the program requirements, live tests, and feedback from customers and partners.

“cPanel University will challenge the skills of those taking the exams, and reward those who pass with the confidence of knowing they have a solid understanding of cPanel’s software” said Technical Product Specialist David Grega, one of the designers of cPanel University.

The cPanel Certification process comprises two programs: sales and technical. The technical certification program consists of seven levels while the sales program has 10 levels. The first three levels of each program will be publicly available to all registered cPanel Conference attendees. Enrollees will be able to schedule onsite testing. Additional training for advanced skills will be made available in various locations around the globe, at the corporate offices and at future cPanel Conferences beginning the first quarter of 2012.

The final four technical and six sales tests will be available at a later date and will only support live, in-person testing.

Typically, the content at cPanel Conference provides attendees with quality technical material that web hosting providers can utilize to automate their operations. It is no surprise that cPanel University will also be focused on providing a challenging testing mechanism that will provide test-takers with a difficult yet rewarding experience.

Interested participants will quickly notice that the testing process is not for those unfamiliar with cPanel. The software that will test participants requires a 90 percent in order to pass each test. The timed exams also have open-style essay questions that are scored by cPanel in-house experts. Test takers are also limited to a set number of attempts over a certain period of time.

cPanel is looking toward making the certification program a regular part of cPanel Conference. cPanel also plans to extend cPanel University training by traveling to corporate offices beginning in the first quarter of 2012.

If you believe you already have what it takes to be at the top of the class at cPanel University, register for cPanel Conference 2011 – Automation Bootcamp at

There is plenty of information about conference-related events, updated exhibitor information, and a social connect feature that will allow you to interact with cPanel staff and other conference attendees.

Please note that only registered conference attendees are eligible to take the certification exams. You can also contact us by emailing [email protected].