cPanel Expands Its DNS Cluster Functionality With SoftLayer and VPS.NET

We have officially begun extending our core DNS (Domain Name System) Cluster functionality by integrating with two of our major Partner NOCs, SoftLayer and UK2Group (under the brand VPS.NET).

On the Internet, the DNS system translates IP addresses into domain names (like,, or VPS.NET). But the process of turning web servers into centralized DNS servers can challenge many first-time server owners.

Fortunately, both SoftLayer and VPS.NET offer hosted DNS solutions that are geographically diverse, scalable, secure, and free of charge to their clients.

cPanel & WHM 11.30 includes new functionality and integration efforts that allows server owners easily use the SoftLayer and VPS.NET hosted DNS systems, right from within the WHM interface.

Our newly extended DNS Cluster system allows server owners the ability to enable DNS, obtain a secure API key, and use SoftLayer and VPS.NET hosted DNS services in minutes.

The open architecture of the extended DNS Cluster functionality provides hosted DNS providers with a streamlined process of handling integrations with cPanel & WHM. Future integrators will be able to use SoftLayer and VPS.NET as models to learn methods for offloading DNS traffic and services from their local servers to any hosted DNS provider.

For more information about the cPanel & WHM DNS cluster or 11.30, please visit the 11.30 release notes at