cPanel Moves from MBOX to MAILDIR

cPanel speeds up email with a switch to maildir.

Houston, Texas – November 9, 2005 – Today, cPanel, a leading Web Hosting Control Panel Software provider, officially announced their plans to migrate their products to support maildir mail storage format. Maildir mail storage format was originally implemented on Qmail to address the shortcomings of mbox.

Maildir mail storage speeds up the functionality of the mail server and reduces memory usage due to mail related processes. More information about mbox vs. maildir can be found at:

If users have any concerns about migrating their servers to maildir format, we recommend contacting cPanel support to address any concerns they may have.

As a result of this conversion, Neomail will not function and it is recommended that server administrators migrate their clients to either SquirrelMail or Horde before converting to maildir format. Please note that custom configurations related to email may be affected by this change.

About cPanel
cPanel is a leading Web Hosting Control Panel Software provider supplying hosting automation tools to numerous data centers and customers all around the world. cPanel offers web hosting software that automates the intricate workings of web hosting servers. cPanel products are used on tens of thousands of servers worldwide to equip server administrators with the tools they need to provide top notch hosting to their customers.

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