cPanel/WHM 11.25 EDGE Now Available

cPanel/WHM is published in four builds:

  • EDGE – The latest build, with the newest features and least testing. We do not recommend running this build on a production web server.
  • CURRENT – More mature and tested than EDGE.
  • RELEASE – The preferred build for a production server, as it is generally current enough to contain the latest fixes and new features.
  • STABLE – For conservative web hosts who do not wish to run the latest release.

Exciting news! We just published the latest version of our Linux web hosting software — cPanel/WHM 11.25 — to the EDGE build.*

While cPanel/WHM was already famous for its ease of use and reliability, version 11.25 offers several improvments, including:

Usability enhancements

  • Quicker access from mobile devices, due to fewer authentication requests from the server.
  • IMAP IDLE support for mobile devices, allowing near real-time mail delivery from Dovecot mail servers.
  • Streamlined cPanel interfaces, such as Email Accounts and MX Entry.
  • An overhauled language system that provides greater accuracy and language compatibility, with less memory consumption.

More info on usability enhancements.

Security features

  • Session tokens and blank referer checks, to help prevent cross-site request forgery.
  • Better cPHulk reliability, for improved protection against brute force attacks.

More info on security features.

Efficiency improvements

  • Lower memory consumption during synchronization of DNS clusters.
  • Quicker restart processes for both the Apache web server and the BIND nameserver.
  • Quicker load times for the cPanel home page.

More info on efficiency improvements.

And those are just a few of the upgrades you get with 11.25! For more detailed information, take a look at our cPanel/WHM 11.25 website.

For technical details, see our version 11.25 release notes.

Note:  As of version 11.25, cPanel will discontinue support for the x and x2 themes. During installation of 11.25, current users of the x and x2 themes will automatically be switched to the up-to-date x3 theme, which uses the x branding package.