EasyApache 3.18 in 11.36

cPanel Inc., announces the release of EasyApache 3.18, our powerful and simple-to-use script that you can use to update and configure your Apache web server.

The most important feature of this new release is Apache 2.4, the latest version of the Apache web server. However, we have made a few important changes to Apache 2.4 to ensure as smooth an upgrade as possible for you, so it is important that you review the changes at:

The script wrappers for the Apache and PHP modules installed by EasyApache have been changed to handle the new Perl distribution.

Several important Apache modules have been upgraded and improved as part of this release, such as ModSecurity and ModHostinglimits.

And as part of our overall documentation improvement effort, we have moved EasyApache’s documentation to a new directory at

For more details, please visit our EasyApache Release Notes at

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