EasyApache 3.26 Released

We are happy to announce the release of EasyApache 3.26 for cPanel & WHM. EasyApache 3.26 features a redesigned profile page that is easier to use and more informative.

EasyApache’s redesigned profile page includes cPanel & WHM’s new Optimal Profiles. The new Optimal Profiles include the recommended versions of PHP and Apache, and the modules that ensure that your EasyApache build is more secure and reliable. The new Optimal Profiles are tailored to your operating system and include profiles that we designed for the CloudLinux operating system. “Our Optimal Profiles help ensure a higher level of safety for our customers,” said the cPanel EasyApache Team.

For the most secure environment, we recommend that you use EasyApache’s new MPM ITK Optimal Profile for CloudLinux. This profile utilizes EasyApache 3.26’s new Apache MPM ITK option. The Apache MPM ITK option is available for CentOS, but does not include the additional security that the CloudLinux operating system provides. For more information on CloudLinux, visit