EasyApache 4 Apr 18 Release

We are happy to announce that cPanel, L.L.C. has released an update for EasyApache 4! With this release, we are introducing an experimental version of NGINX to cPanel & WHM. For a more in-depth breakdown, please review our related NGINX blog announcement´╗┐. Also included are fixes for issues with ea-apache24-mod-pagespeed, ea-memcached, and libmemcached. Take a look at some highlights below, and then join us on SlackDiscord, or Reddit to talk about this update and much more.


cPanel & WHM does not guarantee the functionality of software in the Experimental Repository, and we provide it on an experimental basis only. You assume all risk for any software that you install from the Experimental Repository. Installation of this software could cause significant functionality failures, even for experienced administrators.


  • ea-apache24-mod_pagespeed
    • EA-8095: mod_version tries to load twice when you install pagespeed
  • ea-memcached
    • CPANEL-26786: Calender and contacts server (CCS) cannot be installed if ea-memcached exists. 
  • ea-nginx
    • EA-8315: Initial release of Nginx
  • libmemcached
    • EA-8032: Move libmemcached to the ea-libmemcached namespace.


  • ea-apache24-mod_wsgi
    • EA-7997: Update to current version 4.6.5
  • ea-memcached
    • EA-7981: update to version 1.5.12

More Information

Information about all releases this year can be found in the 2019 EasyApache 4 Changelog and the EasyApache 4 Release Notes. To ensure that you receive up-to-date product news from cPanel, we encourage you to subscribe to the Product and Security updates mailing list on our website. You can also sign up for our EasyApache Development and EasyApache Production lists to see when updates are pushed for our RPMs, letting you know ahead of time what will be updated in each EasyApache release.