EasyApache 4 August 11 Release

We are happy to announce that cPanel, L.L.C. has released an update for EasyApache 4! Take a look at some highlights below, and then join us on the cPanel Community Forums, Discord, or Reddit to talk about this update and much more. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out on one of our social channels.



  • ZC-9091: Manage the httpd service via scripts shared w/ debs.


  • CPANEL-36901: Avoid redirection loops when handling requests from reverse proxies.
  • ZC-9109: Do ensure-nobody script pre transaction so post transaction script can rely on it being there.


  • EA-9875: Avoid race condition when binding to ports 80/443.
  • ZC-9171: Redirect /whm and friends to the host name like Apache does (IPv4 or v6 or user domain).
  • ZC-9167: Only configure IPv6 when IPv6 is enabled.
  • ZC-5555: Listen on IPv6 like we do IPv4.
  • ZC-8958: Disable building .deb packages until ZC-8878.

More Information

Information about all releases this year can be found in the 2021 EasyApache 4 Changelog and the EasyApache 4 Release Notes. You can also sign up for our EasyApache Development and EasyApache Production mailing lists to see when updates are pushed for our RPMs, letting you know ahead of time what will be updated in each EasyApache release.