How to Convince your Boss to Send you to cPanel Conference

Listen, if you are an overworked developer, technical analysts or web hosting professional, the cPanel Conference is the perfect place to unwind, learn, and mingle with like-minded individuals. Throughout the the event, we spend a great deal of time socializing and partaking in extra-curricular activities some might call parties, but we like to call them “enhanced networking events”.

If your boss has seen any of our recap videos, they might give you grief as fire dancers, live bands, and massive fun doesn’t look like a good investment for training, marketing, or building better relationships within the industry. I wanted to take a few minutes to help put together a nice little email you can send the big man to help oil the wheels, have him/her reach into their wallet and float your October 8-10, 2012 trip to Houston, TX.

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Dear Boss, (You do know to replace this with his/her name, right? They generally don’t like to be called Boss)

cPanel has their annual conference in October, and I would like to attend. This once-a-year conference provides a great opportunity for me to meet and learn from some of cPanel’s high profile partners, employees, and executives.

I know you might be concerned about the “after-hours” events cPanel has. In previous years, the live bands, fire dancers and storm troopers make it look more like a party, but I wanted to let you know they are highly focused on providing me with a true learning experience. The conference registration covers my meals, events are open bar and the costs beyond getting me to Houston are minimal.

When I am not sucking down drinks, eating great food, and hanging with the coolest crowd in the hosting industry, they have provided me an action-packed day that starts around lunchtime (which is enough time for me to get a solid 7 hours of sleep before the learning opportunities begin). As an attendee of the conference, I will get to catch up on the latest features of cPanel & WHM, partake in their certification, and attend sessions to help me build my knowledge.

Hosting is a competitive industry, and when I am not packing the day with learning, I will get to meet and mingle with the industry’s greatest hosting gurus. The exhibit hall will be packed with partners and integrators, which include organizations like Softlayer, Rackspot, Linux Magic, Attracta, Logaholic, Spam Experts, CloudFlare, Hostgator, HostDime, OpenSRS and Infratel.

On top of being able to learn about cPanel & WHM, I will be able to engage with over 100+ cPanel employees. Having contacts on the inside is an invaluable resource I am sure we will utilize for many years to come. Developers, technical analysts, marketing pros, executives, and the customer service team from cPanel are highly involved with the conference, and getting to know them will be key to our success in the future.

Finally, if the learning, the business contacts, and building relationships isn’t enough, I would like to mention that only the most successful hosting companies attend this conference to remain highly competitive. If I walk away understanding one key element to their success, we will have an instant return on our investment.

I would like to formally ask for funds to attend this conference, as booking hotels and flights are time sensitive, and I have a very short time to get the best rates for the hotel and a free pass to the conference.

Thank you,