Introducing cPanel's Blue Roy Theme!

cPanel always has some background processes running and top secret projects that are in the works. In the past 12-18 months many requests for end user cPanel themes have become a popular request. In April of 2009 cPanel started the process of hunting down a creative individual to launch a new segment in the Design and User Interface Group. In June the quest was over and a new designer named Roy joined the team.

Roy has spent that last 3-4 weeks learning the internal workings of cPanel and mentoring the User Interface group. His first project was to create a free theme just in time for HostingCon. This new theme has been internally named “The Blue R0y” theme. There is not much to the story beyond it had blue and the designer that developed it is named Roy.

In the coming months cPanel will be producing a number of new themes for use in the cPanel Product, providing a new theme design service, and continuing to support a number of hosting organizations that want to brand and provide a new unique look and feel.

We look forward to your feedback and if you download and install this theme and like to let us know it is being used please post your site in this thread.

Must Read Documentation/Installation Instructions: BlueTheme < AllDocumentation < TWiki

Theme Mini-Site: (With Live Demo)