HostingCon 2011: Lightning Talks by cPanel

HostingCon is the premiere conference and trade show serving the hosted services industry.  In its seventh year, HostingCon brings together web hosts, data centers, cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS), ISVs, and other infrastructure providers who make the Internet work.  HostingCon is an iNET Interactive event.  On August 8-10 at the San Diego Convention Center, HostingCon 2011 will host more than 1,800 web hosts, SaaS, ISVs, and cloud providers, to learn, network, and grow.

On Tuesday, August 9th at 9:00AM, Dan Muey (Linux & BSD Developer) and Aaron Phillips (Vice President of Operations) will be hosting a fun session using a format called Lightning Talks.

Mr. Muey will kickoff the Lightning Talks with a Lightning Talk about Lightning Talks.

What are Lightning Talks?
Lightning Talks are five-minute presentations given by various individuals and organizations about differing topics.  Lightning talks are educational in nature.  The primary goal is to teach the audience something in 5 minutes or less.

When will Lightning Talks take place?
9:00AM Tuesday morning.  Due to the dynamic nature of these talks, it’s suggested to arrive early to secure your spot and get a good seat.  This session is expected to be standing room only.

How Does it Work?
Each presenter is provided five minutes to give an educational presentation.  The presentations can be as simple or comprehensive as the presenter wishes.  There are no limitations on topics beyond being educational and non-promotional.  5 minutes before the session begins, we’ll gather those wishing to present.  At the 4 minute mark a bell will ring to let the presenter know they have 1 minute left.  At 5 minutes, a gong will sound and the Lightning Talk will end.

There will be a small break between presentations.  During this break, 30 second announcements and/or advertisements will take place.

Who can participate?
Any individual or organization attending HostingCon can participate in both the 5-minute and short advertisements.

How can I participate?
Show up 10-15 minutes early, let us know you want to participate with a presentation or advertisement, and inhabit a special front row seat.  We’ll call you up when it’s your turn to present. Time will allow for 8-10 talks.  To participate in the advertisements, you will need to come a few minutes early to express your desire and be assigned a special front row seat.

What should I bring?
A single laptop computer will be available with USB.  Bring your completed presentations in either Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF format.  Once called, you will have about 18 seconds to prepare and go!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

We’re looking forward to a great session!