Lightning Talks at cPanel Conference 2011

cPanel Lightning Talks made its HostingCon debut this year in San Diego. And even though difficulties prevented one presenter (huh-hmm) from making it to the session, cPanel’s own Dan Muey (or Thunder Bolt Dan as we like to call him), stepped up and pounded the GONG, rang the bell and executed a great session.

If you’ve never attended a cPanel Lightning Talk you’re probably wondering why we’re talking about gongs and bells.

All About Lightning Talks
First, allow me to explain what this unique session is all about. Lightning Talks are a series of five-minute, back-to-back presentations given by audience members.

Equipped with a gong, bell, and a stop watch, Thunder Bolt Dan will moderate by using his masterful skills and tools to keep the session flowing from one presenter to the next.

Presenter Format
The second thing you should know is how Lightning Talks works. We’ve changed things up from last year to make participation easier and to guarantee an active session. We will no longer take pre-submissions to speak during Lightning Talks.

Our new process is easy: Simply arrive to the session five-10 minutes early, grab a special seat at the front, and be prepared to use your five minutes wisely.

Lightning Talks Schedule
Two Lightning Talks sessions are available for which you may participate:

Educational Lightning Talks
Tuesday, Oct. 11
2:30 p.m.- 3:15 p.m.
Capital View Terrace North

The Educational Lightning Talks session is exactly what it sounds like —educational. Presenters may share stories, case studies, demos, or any other educationally-based presentation of their choice. But be careful, if you slip into a sales pitch, Thunder Bolt Dan will gong you.

Biz Dev Lightning Talks
Wednesday, Oct. 12
2:30-3:15 p.m.
Creekside (Downstairs)

The Biz Dev Lightning Talks is a genuine free for all! Presenters have five minutes to share whatever their heart’s desire. Need some ideas?
* Demos
* Stories
* Share a unique talent
* EVEN give your best sales pitch

The sky is the limit. The only rule — just don’t exceed your five minutes or Thunder Bolt Dan will gong you.

Email us at [email protected].


Additional Info:
A computer with Microsoft PowerPoint and Acrobat Reader will be made available.