Microsoft SPLA Experts on Tour @ cPanel Conference

During the upcoming cPanel Conference, Microsoft® will be conducting a session to address questions about their SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) and how web hosting providers should use it.

This is important because Microsoft uses the SPLA to guide monthly license pricing on their products. So, as our Windows Server® hosting platform, Enkompass, nears its release, web hosts interested in this offering should turn their attention to the SPLA.

Recent SPLA changes
In July of 2009, Microsoft made some changes that introduced new concepts to the SPLA.

The July, 2009 Services Provider Use Rights (SPUR) introduced Windows Server® licensing based on “outsourcing” and “non-outsourcing” as new licensing definitions, replacing the previous “authenticated” and “anonymous” licenses. As a result, Microsoft now has two-tiered offerings for various editions of Windows Server. Both outsourcing and non-outsourcing are available for:

  • Windows Server Standard
  • Windows Server Enterprise
  • Windows Server Datacenter

There is no change for Windows Server Web Edition in July, 2009; the single available SPLA offering still applies to all the scenarios allowed in the SPUR.

Definition of “outsourcing” for Windows Server
In making this SPLA change, Microsoft has defined “outsourcing” as follows:

Outsourcing is an application or service which a Service Provider manages on behalf of its customer. For purposes of this definition, the managed application or service is:

  • Used by its customer’s employees, contractors, agents, or vendors, and
  • Not the Service Provider’s intellectual property.

Important factors to consider when you apply this definition:

  • The outsourcing definition is based on the application or service provided to a customer, and not how a Service Provider is categorized as an entity.
  • Apply this definition to each individual server that is involved in delivering the application or service. This can result in scenarios where a Service Provider may have a mix of outsourcing and non-outsourcing servers from which they provide their managed service.
  • The application or service must meet all portions of the definition to fit the definition.

Have you ever wondered …

  1. Which version of Windows Server do you need to utilize Active Directory?
  2. What’s the difference between Unauthenticated and Authenticated license types?
  3. Are web hosting providers considered outsourcers or non-outsourcers?
  4. What specific licenses will you need to run Enkompass?

If you’re coming to the Conference, this session will provide an open forum for getting answers from the experts.

Do you have additional questions about the SPLA? If you’re not attending, please feel free to email us ([email protected]) your questions and we will address them at the conference.