Mother's Day tribute: cPanel Style

It’s story time at cPanel and as we enter this Mother Day weeked, I wanted to share with you the story of Chuck (aka Infopro on and a message left by his mother.

Infopro has been a longtime member of the cPanel Community and has spent massive amounts of passionate time participating in our online forums.   Within the last year, Infopro became a permanent member of the cPanel team and continues to be focused on interacting with the community and working closer with various people inside cPanel to help improve our product and keep the lines of communication open with customers.

During his first few weeks at cPanel, Infopro’s mother called to leave him a message about his new job.   Like many other cPanel mothers she didn’t quite understand his new position and what the cPanel Community forums were all about.   After listening to the message we decided to put together a Mother’s Day Tribute.

Listen to the Mother’s Day Tribue on the cPanel Podcast site.

cPanel sincerely appreciates every single employee and their life experiences including family, friends, co-workers, and past employers have prepared them to be part of what I consider a highly dedicated and motivated team with the sole purpose of automating web hosting operations through software and support services.

Happy Mother’s Day!