Spam Assassin Ruleset Bug

The Quality Assurance team discovered a bug within the SpamAssassin ruleset that will mark messages sent in the year 2010 (that’s today) and beyond with a higher spam score than expected.     This bug can result in legitimate mail being flagged as spam.

The cPanel Development team has issued a hot fix that will address this issue and will automatically update the SpamAssassin ruleset to resolve this issue.   If you have automatic cPanel updates enabled, no further action is required.

If you do not have automatic cPanel updates enabled, you can manually update  the SpamAssassin ruleset by executing the following commands in a root shell:

/scripts/autorepair spamd_y2010_fix

For a more detailed explanation and information on resolving this problem on a non-cPanel environment, please review:

As always, the entire cPanel team has pulled together to provide a rapid response to this issue as we realize proper email delivery is mission critical.

If you need any assistance, our 24×7 Technical Analyst team is standing by to provide you with further instructions, answers, and solutions to this bug.   To reach them please submit a ticket via:

You can also join the discussion on the SpamAssassin bug  at