Technical Bulletin for cPanel 11.25.0

As you know, 11.25 has added a host of new features and functionality to cPanel & WHM.  Tonight, 11.25 makes it to our STABLE builds.  We will have additional technical staff on hand for the next few days to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

As always, should you need anything, the entire cPanel staff is here to help!

There have been some enhancements to the methods that cPanel uses to process log files that may result in undesired behavior with some system configurations.

Graceful Restarts:

If you are experiencing a high volume of graceful restarts in Apache due to log file rotation you may want to enable the Piped Log feature as follows:

  • You must have root access to enable this feature.
  • You must be running Apache 2.0 or later to enable this feature (not supported for Apache 1.x)
  • Only available on 11.25.0 and later.
  1. Login to WHM
  2. Click /Service Configuration/
  3. Click /Apache Configuration/
  4. Click /Piped Log Configuration/
  5. Check the box labeled /Enable piped Apache logs/
  6. Click the Save button

This will cause your Apache configuration file to be rebuilt and Apache to be restarted.

More complete information about Piped Log can be viewed here:

An additional requirement for our enhanced log file processing is a larger disk space requirement inside of the /var partition.  Upon upgrading to 11.25.0 if cPanel detects that your /var partition is too small it will disable bandwidth stats processing until the space requirement is remedied. If there is inadequate space in /var, notification is set to the level 1 notification targets as specified in WHM’s Contact Manager.

To re-enable:

  1. Symlink /var/cpanel/bandwidth to a partition with sufficient space
  2. Remove the file /etc/rrdtooldisable
  3. Re-run upcp

Customers who need assistance with the update may contact cPanel support for assistance via