Upcoming Webinar: Branding and Resellers

We will focus on branding and reselling to assist you in customizing our software to better promote your company and/or brand.

During this webinar, the cPanel team will discuss:

  • The Branding Editor
  • Customized branding, beyond the Branding Editor
  • Mass deployment of custom branding
  • A Review of Resellers and how they benefit server administrators

Who should attend this webinar?
Anyone and everyone who has an interest in learning about the branding and reselling process should attend.

System administrators and hosting resellers, who have the most availability to utilizing branding capabilities, will benefit the most.

This webinar can be enjoyed by those with anywhere from no technical experience to those eager to perform tasks via the command line.

When: June 16, 2010 at 9:00AM CST

Register at: