Update to cPanel’s Privacy Policy

cPanel is updating our Privacy Policy in our continued commitment to helping customers and users of our software understand how we use their data and to provide transparency. The Privacy Policy has been updated to facilitate compliance with the CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act), taking effect on January 1st, 2020. Additionally, cPanel has created several links that allow users to determine what information that cPanel has and to request that we take actions related to that data. These actions include adding sections to reflect updates to our use of information and some technical corrections.

This post is a simple summary of the updates to the Privacy Policy, and we highly recommend reviewing the policy in its entirety, located here

Sale of Personal Information

The CCPA requires cPanel to disclose whether cPanel “sells” personal information. cPanel does not commercialize user information in the traditional sense. However, because some personal data is transmitted to third parties to facilitate the use of products and services, we have provided more details about this use. Our Privacy Policy contains a method for you to decide to instruct us not to use your information in this way, regardless of whether it is a “sale” in the traditional sense. We will provide other ways to make this choice in the future. It is essential that you review our privacy policy for the impact that this choice may have before making it.


To ensure that cPanel is only providing information to parties it can authenticate, we’ve provided two methods for demonstrating that requestors are whom they claim to be. This will help further enhance the security of your Personal Information. 

Transmission to Third Parties

We’ve added data to the schedules that accompany our Privacy Policy to provide additional information about how we may send Personal Information to third parties. The  I columns setting out which specific categories of information that cPanel collects have been expanded.  These columns now include information on where Personal Information is transmitted if that destination is not cPanel. Schedule 1 now includes the cPanel Store or for general inquiries. 

If you have any further questions or want to discuss the changes to the Privacy Policy, please join our Slack and Discord channels, our official subreddit, or our official Support Forums.