WebPros® Announces Acquisition of NIXStats

HOUSTON, Texas – WebPros, a leader in hosting infrastructure, billing, and virtualization automation, today announced the acquisition of NIXStats, the company best known for its intelligent server performance and uptime management platform. NIXStats joins other WebPros companies, including hosting management solutions cPanel®, Plesk®, and WHMCS®, to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions and broaden their capabilities to their expanding set of partners and customers.

NIXStats delivers unparalleled insight into server performance and uptime management by leveraging a suite of comprehensive and proprietary technologies tightly integrated into the NIXStats platform. This unique approach allows NIXStats to provide clear and concise reporting while dramatically reducing false positives. NIXStats and its integrated decision engine can be deployed into any customer environment, enabling customers to manage their servers proactively and isolate and react to real-time events to maintain maximum performance uptime.

Customers rely on cPanel, Plesk, and WHMCS to deliver exceptional insights and automation on their hosting infrastructure,” said Jens Meggers, Chief Executive Officer, WebPros. “NIXStats empowers our customers to make data-driven decisions on that infrastructure in record time without compromising uptime and performance. When customers integrate NIXStats into their hosting environments, they benefit from increased awareness of their performance, and they can do so at a lower cost.

NIXStats is the most recent acquisition for WebPros. Other prominent WebPros companies include infrastructure management and automation companies cPanel, Plesk, and WHMCS; digital marketing solution XOVI; and SolusIO virtualization management software. For more information about WebPros, visit

NIXStats founder Vincent van Megen will join the company as Head of Monitoring.

About WebPros

Founded in early 2017, WebPros is bringing together widely-used web-based digitalization solutions. Continually adding new brands and products to its portfolio, WebPros encompasses comprehensive hosting and server management platforms cPanel and Plesk, automation platform WHMCS, infrastructure management SolusIO, and SEO suite XOVI. The latest addition to the WebPros family is the server monitoring platform NIXStats. Under the WebPros canopy, these independent companies are continually exploring synergies in pursuit of responding to the challenges of web professionals everywhere. For more information, visit

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