cPanel Exhibits at GoDaddy Techfest

cPanel exhibited at the GoDaddy’s Techfest on June 19th, 2012. This conference was different from any other show cPanel has participated in before. Techfest is an internal only conference, meaning that only GoDaddy Employees participated in the event. GoDaddy Employees responded to cPanel representatives with a happy face and welcomed them to the show. Over 750 GoDaddy Employees attended the event, and almost everyone stopped by the cPanel booth.

“Techfest was an exciting event that packed a large amount of people into a short time,” said Support Manager, Eric Ellis. “I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and cannot wait to come again.”

This one day conference was held in Scottsdale, Arizona and cPanel is a proud sponsor.

The happy hour brought many familiar faces to the cPanel group and quite a few new ones excited by cPanel presence. GoDaddy brought Old West style pictures and revolver quick draw competitions in the spirit of Wild West Domains.

cPanel is looking forward to next years Techfest!