Host Me All Night Long

cPanel is excited to partner up with SoftLayer and ComCure for THE party of HostingCon 2012.

When people ask what you thought of the parties at HostingCon, all you’ll remember is a blur of laughter, hard rock, and drinks flowing like the Massachusetts Bay. Host Me All Night Long isn’t just a party at HostingCon 2012, it is THE party of HostingCon 2012. It will sell out, you will laugh, and we will party like rockstars.

How do you get into this awesome event?

Partners, Vendors, and Friends of SoftLayer, Comcure, and cPanel – Contact us for the hookup on discount codes. You can get in for free, just because you know the hosts of the parties.

Not a Partner – You can get your pass to the wicked awesome party of the show for free, but it won’t have the free flowing drinks like the VIP treatment. Besides, who needs food when you have Rock ‘n Roll?.

Try to win Tickets – There will be contests on Facebook and Twitter to win VIP passes to the party. These contests can happen at anytime, so be sure to follow: @ComCure, @SoftLayer, and @cPanel on Facebook and Twitter to Maximizer your Rock experience..