cPanel Conference: Retro Arcade Night!

Ready for the cPanel Conference? It’s just around the corner! And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, you should know we’ve lined up another exciting event.

On the evening of October 6, Joystix Games ( will be entertaining our attendees. Joystix is an old-school arcade, with bar and lounge attached, located just a couple blocks from the Conference. And on this night, we’re picking up the tab. That’s right — the games AND bar will be free.

But you have to register now! Get free passes to the Joystix fun when you register for the cPanel Conference before September 10. (If you sign up after September 10, you’re welcome to join us, but the cost to attend the Joystix party will be $25.)

*If you have already registered you name is automatically on the list.

So you can spend your day filling your head with technical knowledge and your evening unwinding with Pac-Man.

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