cPanel's 2009 Log Location Poster. Available Now!

Have you ever wondered, “Where’s the Apache error log?”
(Answer: Depends which one you want — there are four.)

Or, does the nameserver log live in usr/ or var/?
(Answer: var/log/messages.)

If so, then you’ve surely wished that someone would collate the locations of all the logs on a cPanel server and lay them out in some easy-to-read format. Graphically, say? And you don’t want to be bossy, but maybe they could add attractive orange and blue accents, and some grayed-out text as a background?

Wish no more! cPanel’s 2009 Log Location Reference is here. It shows the default location of every log file created by cPanel or a cPanel-related service, in an easy-to-read 36″ x 48″ poster.
Order as many as your technical support team’s collective hearts may desire. Their troubleshooting skills, and your customers, will thank you.

Check out today and get posters ordered for your technical support department or data center today!