cPanel & WHM Version Number Change Announcement

Starting with version 11.30, cPanel & WHM version numbers will consist of 4 segments. The fourth segment reflects minor patches known as the build ID, which is an automatically incrementing number.

Last summer, we modified the cPanel & WHM version number scheme. Building upon those modifications in version 11.30, we are including a fourth segment to indicate the build ID. You may have noticed that the first 11.29 build released to our EDGE tier used this convention. Minor patches to a versioned release will result in an increment of the build ID. These patches will only include critical changes such as compatibility maintenance and security fixes.

We will update the cPanel & WHM version number documentation to reflect the new scheme shortly. In the meantime, here is what you need to know.

Changes to the version number

  • The first and second segments still represent the parent and major values. (These are unchanged.)
  • The third segment no longer consists of an auto-incremented build ID number. It now represents a milestone—a group of changes to cPanel & WHM that will include new features and bug fixes.
  • The fourth segment is the auto-incrementing build ID. This value is relative to the milestone. When the milestone is achieved, the third segment will be incremented and the build ID will reset to 0.

For example, in version

  • “11” is the parent number.
  • “29” is the major version number.
  • “1” is the cPanel & WHM milestone.
  • “4” is the build ID leading up to the completion of the milestone.

This version number would be reported in the cPanel & WHM user interfaces as “11.29.1 (build 4).”

How we release bug fixes
When we discover critical issues after publishing a version of cPanel & WHM, we will fix them and back port the fix. In some circumstances, we may need to rebuild all currently published milestones.

Consider a scenario in which these are the most recently published tiers of cPanel & WHM:


If we found a critical issue that affected both the 11.30.0 and 11.30.1 milestone releases, then we would backport the fix to, and republish, 11.30.1 and 11.30.0. By contrast, an issue that only impacts the 11.30.1 release would result in a new build of 11.30.1 only.

We will queue non-critical issues for delivery in a future milestone build.

Backwards compatibility for version numbers
Version 11.30 will also provide backwards-compatible (3-segment) renditions of the new cPanel & WHM version numbers. This should help ease the transition for third-party applications that integrate with cPanel & WHM.

However, since these renditions will be limited, we strongly encourage third-party developers to update their products for compatibility with the new version format.