World IPv6 Day

The cPanel systems administration team has been hard at work keeping our network on the cutting edge of technology, with our latest project being the  implementation of IPv6.

As many of you know, IPv4 addresses are quickly running out, with new allocations soon only available in IPv6. In an effort to speed up the deployment of IPv6, on June 8, The Internet Society (ISOC) is hosting “World IPv6 Day.” Participating along with many other companies around the world, we will be enabling IPv6 over our servers 

(but not yet in the cPanel & WHM product –

Our company website is currently available for people to access through IPv6 via, but on June 8th, we’ll be making available through both IPv4 and IPv6.  We will also be making our forums,, available through IPv6 as well. “World IPv6 Day” will give network operators worldwide an opportunity to test for any potential issues with IPv6 without risk of long-term down time.

The migration to IPv6 has proven to be a journey into uncharted territory. Unlike IPv4, IPv6 doesn’t yet have many documented best practices for implementation. We, like much of the world, are still learning the best ways to apply this technology. Although IPv6 is still relatively new to many, its implementation will be a very welcome change to how the Internet works as we know it.

To test your IPv6 readiness, please visit

For more information about World IPv6 Day, visit Donnelly

cPanel Systems Administrator