cPanel/WHM Admin Essentials 30-Minute Webinar

You have made the great choice to host your customers’ websites on cPanel or WHM.  However, you are now encountering issues with:

  • High server load
  • Complaints about PHP scripts or DNS issues

What do you do?

In this webinar, cPanel Technical Trainer Lee Latham will provide answers and commentary for the most frequently asked questions that cPanel technical analysts receive from customers.  This Webinar represents the technical knowledge every cPanel/WHM server administrator should know.

The following topics will be discussed during this webinar:

  • Technical overview of the cPanel & WHM interfaces
  • Diagnosis and resolution of high server loads
  • Assisting customers with PHP script errors
  • DNS overview

There will be a thorough question and answer session following the 30-minute presentation.

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Webinar Announcement:
cPanel will introduce its “30-Minute Webinar” format beginning September 15, 2010.  The newly-formatted webinars will still encompass the same great information from cPanel’s David Grega & Mario Rodriguez.

The presentations will simply be condensed into a sleek, concise format.  We will provide a highly-detailed presentation of each webinar for guests.  Not to worry, David and Mario will continue to offer a question and answer period following each webinar.