Community Forum Contributor Joins cPanel Staff

In the early hours of May 20, 2003, a kind fellow registered an account on the cPanel forums (

The forum username he chose was: Infopro.

He was frustrated with the lack of support he received from his hosting provider.  Quickly realizing that the cPanel community forum was targeted to server administrators rather than webmasters of individual sites, he decided to start his own server. He used the forums to learn how to run a server with cPanel/WHM, stay updated on security trends, and use new features to benefit his own hosting customers.

Over the years, the cPanel staff would come to know Infopro by his real name, Chuck Wadlow. Chuck has become an exemplary member of our forum community, frequently offering his kind wisdom to those new to cPanel.  Chuck says:

As easy as cPanel makes managing your own server, there are still many things you need to know to avoid problems and be successful. Helping others helps me to stay on top of my game, and I really do enjoy helping others just getting started as I did, here on these forums.

Chuck would eventually earn the rank of moderator on the forum. He has proven instrumental in keeping discussions informative and productive.

For the past several years, Chuck has attended the annual cPanel Conference in Houston.  Every year, he would pull cPanel staff aside to provide input on how we can improve the forum’s discussions and technical architecture.  cPanel has grown to appreciate his dedication to ensuring a fruitful community.

When the time came to hire a cPanel Product Evangelist to assist with the forums, the obvious answer was to recruit Chuck to become a cPanel employee. He already has an intimate knowledge of our forums and has been an active contributor for over 7 years.

So what will change now that Chuck is cPanel staff?  He will assist with the most highly viewed threads and ensure that they reflect current best practices.  You may notice a new signature on his forum posts as well.  Also, you’ll be able to meet him at all upcoming cPanel Conferences.

However, novices looking to start running their first server will still benefit from the wisdom Chuck has offered on the forum for many years.  As for Chuck himself, he’s excited to join the cPanel team:

The team at cPanel has been great to work with informally from time to time over the years. I believe we share the same feelings toward doing the right thing, all the time. I’m very excited to be a part of the cPanel Team!

So please welcome Chuck, better known by his forum username “Infopro,” to the cPanel staff!