viaVerio Partner Summit

The cPanel team just wrapped up another great event at the viaVerio Partner Summit, in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida.  This event focused on enabling Verio Partners to become more successful.  The viaVerio Partner Summit was an intimate gathering of partners, vendors, and Verio staff, allowing ample time to socialize, discuss business challenges, new products, and future goals.

The cPanel team spent a great deal of time during the Summit meeting the highly passionate Verio team and their customers.  I was honored to have met various members of the Verio team who have championed the use of cPanel & WHM over the last year.  It was very exciting and encouraging to talk shop with Verio’s highly passionate team.

Upon arriving in Boca Raton, Florida I met the man behind the curtain, Ivan Hurtt.  Over the last 9 months, on both a personal and professional level, Ivan and I have been working out various technical issues together, forming a strong relationship between our two companies.

Throughout the event, I spent valuable time seeking to understand why Verio selected the cPanel & WHM product for their customers.  For Verio, their decision was solidified by three very important factors.

  1. cPanel & WHM is the industry standard for control panel software.
  2. cPanel & WHM enables highly customizable, feature-packed hosting for users.
  3. cPanel & WHM updates automatically, keeping servers up-to-date.

I love having the opportunity to understand what motivates both our partners and our customers.  With a high degree of technical knowledge, the Verio team has done a very thorough job implementing cPanel & WHM into their product offering.  I’m very excited for the upcoming year as our relationship with Verio grows and develops.  Having a partner that’s as excited about the cPanel & WHM product as we are is nothing less than refreshing.

I wanted to also take a moment to express my gratitude for being asked to participate in this great event.  It’s humbling to see such a tight-knit group of individuals at Verio working together with a commitment to the advancement of a great company.  The viaVerio Partner Summit was a huge success.  We look forward to next year’s event.

If you attended the conference and have any outstanding questions, please do not hesitate to drop me an email:  aaron at